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Real sustainable food production is the only answer to the increasing nutritional demand of our world population. Food production that does not harm the environment but adds value to it. Food that contains honest, high quality ingredients. Produced by people that feel good and take pride in what they do. This is absolutely possible, but realization will not always be easy. That is why Food2Future wants to guide food companies on their way from conventional to sustainable production.


Food2Future gives companies insight in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) score and delivers a tangible step-by-step action plan to improve the company's CSR position. If they wish, Food2Future also supports companies in the realization of the set goals. By doing so Food2Future contributes to making our food chain more sustainable and at the same time strengthens the economic position of her customers.

Debora van Zee

Before she decided to set up Food2Future in 2015, Debora was Public Health Nutritionist and Project manager for several employers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The common thread in her 14 years of work experience is her passion for food, social engagement and the continuous translation of science into day to day practice.

More information on Debora’s work experience you will find on her Linked-In profile.