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Your company future proof

SCR business scan & strategic alignment

Once you have decided you want to get started with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you want a quick insight in where you are at and what needs to be done to improve your company’s current position. Bur where do you start? There are so many definitions, certification schemes and CSR tools that only finding out which ones are relevant to your business can be a daunting task. You can get easily stuck before you even get started.

Food2Future knows the way in the “woods” of CSR tools and uses those relevant to your business for a thorough scan that gives you quick insight in your company’s current CSR score. The scan also defines what steps to take to improve your position. What approach we will take will depend on your company specifics but will always include the following steps: 1) defining your companies strategic pilars and CSR prioritties and ambition level, 2) a CSR status quo scan, 3) a stakeholder analysis and 4) a stepwise sustainability implementation plan.

Project management

Does your company already have clear CSR goals, but do you need a professional who can get things moving towards tangible results? Food2Future can help you out. You can hire Food2Future to coordinate a specific CSR project, for example:

  • (food)waste analysis and management plan,
  • Supply chain sustainability analysis;
  • working towards specific certifications,
  • healthy product reformulation; etc.

Do you want to know what Food2Future can do for your company? Feel free to get in touch for an informal introductory consultation.